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Bernessa Update 2/02/15: Thank you kindly for visiting our store. As some of our dear customers know. My beautiful wife Bernessa,the heart and soul of LatinWorksCo.com, is in fight for her life, and we have had to regrettably put our store on "pause" We pray and hope to soon be back. And we thank you for you prayers and support.

More: http://blog.mysanantonio.com/lightfromthelake/2014/05/a-cancer-victim-reaches-out/

Please Help: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/lt34


Welcome to our family store, where you, as our customer, are the most important family member.

LatinWorks is a family on-line store serving our customers since 1995. Inspired by our Dad... our Papito, a retired accountant, with a love for culture and handcrafts.

When our parents arrived to this country from Ecuador, he decided to share some of our country's art, textiles and wood crafts richness, starting with vendors at the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. Then, in hopes our Papito will take a deserved break, we started our on-line store. And we haven't stopped since.

Every year we personally travel to Mexico, Ecuador and other countries and hand pick many of our products. Any day of the week, at now 80+, you can also still catch our Dad walking around Market Square in downtown San Antonio, Texas... talking to vendors and clients. Earning one dollar at a time. Our Mamita often comes along just to keep "an eye" on us.

This, while at the store, Bernessa is making her own rich and beautiful crafts and running this web-site.

Together they are the store's heart beat and my inspiration. We're definitely not 8-5, we're more like 24/7 and that is commitment to you our customer.

So needless to say, LatinWorksCo.com is a special place. We hope you enjoy our wonderful and unique products, because we have hand picked each one of them to bring them to you across borders and cultures.

One at a time, piece by piece... our crafts and textiles are born... So you and we may hold on to their moment of inspiration cast for a lifetime.

There are no other products in the world like it... Enjoy them!


The LatinWorksCo.com family.

LatinWorks Co.com
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